Nectar CBD Distillate: What Is It and [Why Is It Important]

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Nectar CBD Distillate: What Is It and [Why Is It Important]

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Since ancient times, cannabis extracts are being used for tea, tinctures, or hashes. And centuries after, cannabis is being treated with a more sophisticated technology. There are more products too, like the drops, oils, and other products from Nectar. A CBD distillate for sale is making a trend nowadays. It’s called “The Pure” with its odorless and tasteless nature.

But how is it different from the other cannabis products? Here are some points to remember:

What is distillation?

This process involves extracting cannabis in a pure and molecularly unadulterated condition. This is done to isolate specific cannabinoids that can be helpful for various medicinal purposes. Distillation also allows the production of odorless and tasteless CBD products. These types of products are appealing just like Nectar’s 250, 500, and 750 oils.

Take note that CBD distillation isn’t exclusive for recreational products. It’s also seen to take over medical cannabis and other production methods. Since this process allows the production of 99% pure extracts, there’s no doubt that distillation is the next big thing.

Distilling cannabis

It’s important to put in context here that CBD distillates undergo a process way different than shatters, waxes, and hashes. These products are produced through butane or alcohol-heated means. When it comes to distillates, the extracts are produced through heat that, in turn, vaporizes the cannabinoids.

The vapor will be collected during the cooling process. Through that, the CBD distillate is free of chlorophyll and other plant matter that can give awful taste and smell. Aside from being appealing to the senses, CBD distillates are also solvent-free and cleaner than other cannabis products.

Take note, though, that distillates are concentrated substances. This is usually infused to other products for a safe and effective ingestion.

Common uses for CBD distillate

Aside from bottled CBD oil and extracts, such distillates can also be used on the following items:


CBD distillates have a growing pharmaceutical community in Europe. It’s used to create customized cannabis medicines for various people. Some countries are already embracing this substance for whatever benefits it can bring to its users.


Since CBD distillates have no odor or taste, it can be infused to almost any edible you can think of. It lets the user be creative with how it will be taken. Gum, soda, and even savory food can be infused with distillates to reap the benefits.


Topicals and cosmetic products are the newest items to be infused with CBD distillates. Before, organic CBD oil for sale is common to see on the ingredients list. But as the market grows, there would be more distillates for variety. Since distillates are raw products, it can be easily mixed with cosmetic items.

In fact, you can try it on Nectar 200 Topical product. It’s packed in a rollerball container for easy and mess-free application.

With that, you can either opt for a CBD distillate for sale from Nectar or add it to your food. Distillates allow more ways of ingestion so you can experience a full spectrum of CBD goodness.

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